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all-islandGIFTcertificate make great gifts for celebrating a special occasion on the Vineyard.

  • Quick and easy to buy
  • Perfect for everyone
  • No phone calls to stores
  • And no more stressing over what to buy.

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All Island Gift Certificates with Personal Message

Sometimes the best gift of all is when you give the recipient the freedom to choose their own gift. Our All-Vineyard Gift Certificates are redeemable at any one of our over 100 merchant participants including your favorite restaurants, accommodations, retail stores, and personal services.

Each certificate is redeemable at a single merchant. We recommend the purchase of several smaller denominations. (For example, four $25 All-Vineyard Gift Certificates rather than a $100 certificate.) This will provide the recipient with maximum choice. Credit will be issued for any remaining balance.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Choose the amount that you want to spend.

Step 2: Select the appropriate delivery method (One of the USPS choices). All-Vineyard Gift Certificates cannot be emailed.

Step 3: Use the easy shopping cart and include a personal message if you like.

Upon receipt of their gift, your recipient can redeem the All-Vineyard Gift Certificate at the local merchant.

If they are calling to purchase a product or make a reservation for a service, they need to advise the merchant that they are redeeming an All-Vineyard Gift Certificate.

Expiration dates: All-Vineyard Gift Certificates are valid for seven years from the date of issue.



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