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Shipping and Returns

Shipping rates:
Please refer to the following chart to determine the time required to process your order based on the delivery method you choose:

Delivery Method Charge Processing Time
Email (Merchant Gift Certificates only) Free Email orders are processed within 4-8 hours of receipt. *
USPS EXPRESS MAIL $18.95 Mailed within 24 hrs.
2-3 days
$5.95 Mailed within 24 hrs.
First Class U.S. Mail $2.50 Mailed within 48 hrs.

*Emailed gift certificates are sent as a pdf. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Click here for Acrobat Reader (It's free). does not ship to international addresses. The company will not be responsible for merchandise that is undeliverable or not received due to the purchaser's failure to enter accurate delivery information, including physical and email addresses.

Returns and exchanges
Merchant gift certificates and All-Vineyard Certificates cannot be returned or exchanged.

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